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With the storms we’ve been having lately I wanted to share another great weather app with you. This one is called Pinpoint Lightning 2011 I have been beyond impressed by the accuracy of this app as well as the advantage of a heads up when heavy weather is on the way. Lightning is the number two weather killer in the United States so it’s worth knowing when it’s moving in on you. The app begins notifications at 30 miles with an option to set it to 15 or 20 miles.

You have several setting options, Doppler Radar overlay, lightning progression maps, and when you start to get clutter from multiple strikes you can turn off all but the most recent strike. The app also allows street level detail. If a bolt strikes and an address is available that pops up on your screen.

The information is provided by the National Lightning Detection Network, the data is generated by lightning detectors across the United States. During a storm the system will notify you with an alert tone and continue to update you as new strikes are recorded. A good size storm can mean an awful lot of alerts so the snooze function they include is really nice to have. There are multiple options to keep it from driving you crazy with the once a minute reporting.

I recently used this app to get a lightning shot for the newspaper. I checked for the heaviest activity in a cell and positioned myself directly in the path. It worked exactly as I hoped it would. At $5.99 it’s not cheap but I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’t know that it was a really great value for anybody into weather or afraid of it.


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