The worst dressed dictator on the planet



Sometimes you have a great idea for a blog post and while researching it you realize somebody has already done it, and they probably did it better than you can. In this case I have to tip the hat to Vanity for their web exclusive on the frightening fashion choices of the dictator of the day.


While ordering the deaths of angry mobs Colonel Muammar Qaddafi blends his unique brand of political crazy and nonexistent fashion sense to come up with some fairly horrendous looks.


His many variations on the militant dictator look and his summer in northern Africa combos are only overshadowed by his stunningly poor choices of accessory items. The row of war ribbons sewn on a piece of hard board, the African continent logo that adorns his dress white ice cream sales guy look, and lastly the ultimate accessory— the loonies that surround him as security and whatever other capacity these people serve.


Clearly the next guy who takes over in Libya will have a hard time filling the oversized alligator and rhinestone shoes of the ultimate fashion victim.


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