Addicted to Facebook? Take this test find out.


Last night I went to the movies to see The Social Network. It made me think about how often I post and how I use Facebook and the internet in general. I do use it a lot. At work, at home, on my iPhone. It’s nice to never really be alone….ever. The whole world is out there. If I get bored I check in on my pals, if I feel creative I’ll post a photo, If I’m feeling down I’ll post comments on friends pages and try to make people laugh…or at the very least send me a :) . It’s great to know that I’ll never be stumped. If you have a question I know where to go to find the answer, it’s all out there if you know where to look for it.

Am I an internet/Facebook addict? Well, lets turn to our old pal Google to find out. just happens to have a test. I took the test and it looks like my score of 59 makes me fairly sort of healthy…Ok, so I shaved a few questions because I knew I could… It says I should consider the impact the internet has on my life. I admit I use it a little too much as a crutch but I like to get out of the dark and enjoy the sun, I like real humans, and I know the Belgian guy I forgot to delete after my Mafia Wars binge on Facebook, is not my real friend. Even with my point shaving scheme I know I would still land below the dreaded 80-100 point range where you are barely a functioning human.

Our web guy at the Chronicle, Boone Simpson works online all day and then goes home to work on the computer, shop for strange things like USB Swiss Army Knives, and play Xbox games that were acquired through creative means.boone1
Ultimately he ended up scoring better than me on the test but he has a distinct advantage. He doesn’t even try to set limits on his online time, and he really doesn’t like people so his time on Facebook is pretty limited. He’s the kind of guy who is prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse and drinks his Mountain Dew out of 2 liter bottles. He’s what you call hardcore.

Take the test and stop back to let me know how you did. Don’t cheat, it only makes you feel dirty.


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