Hey crunchers, chompers, slurpers, sniffers and tappers….we hate you.


Chompers, crunchers, slurpers of the world beware. Unbeknownst to you the people around you may well be suppressing the urge to kill you.

An informal unscientific poll of my coworkers confirmed that a fellow employee who crunches food for hours at a time is living on borrowed time. It’s funny because I always thought it was just me being a nut. I looked around on the net trying to do a little research and despite plenty of chat groups dedicated to people sharing stories about the rage that builds inside, there really isn’t much information about what causes it.

The best thing I found was about hearing disorders and one of them is called Misophonia. The disorder is characterized by sensitivity to certain sounds.

Brighthub.com says the disorder may be neurological or psychological in nature, and the exact cause isn’t known. “When exposed to the sounds, the person with misophonia, experiences feelings of rage and extreme anxiety. The particular sounds that a misophonia sufferer is sensitive to varies with each person. Chewing is a noise that commonly bothers misophonia sufferers. Other common noise sensitivities are the sound of scratching, tapping, throat clearing and nasal sniffling.

If you read about the complaints people share a common thread about a childhood trauma of some sort. So next time you are at work and feel that rage creeping up the back of your neck just try to remove yourself from the situation, and know you aren’t alone.
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  1. Traveler Says:

    I hate flip flops and other noisy shoes in a work place,very distracting .

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