Leave Tiger alone


Tigers back and he’s bringing the public with him. At noon today Tiger, the Masters, and yes, even a search entitled “Tigers neighbors daughter” makeup eight of the ten top searches on Google. We had a little conversation about it in the newsroom and our right leaning friend took the religious high ground and cast her stones. To his defense came our left leaning person who insists the leadership at Enron figuratively did exactly what Tiger did only on a much larger scale. She asked, where is all the anger and relentless chatter about them?


Tiger took a lashing from the head of the Masters, the same man who will likely benefit from gate sales and what will likely be a record setting viewership. How great is that, to beat down someone’s morality while cashing in on his skills.


Ultimately who is using who? Who actually owes the apology? Tiger’s personal life has been on display for months. Pundits take shots while doing the exact same things Tiger did. His private life is none of our business. Reportedly his wife grabbed a club and settled their family dispute the way many wives would have.


In the end companies chose to stick with Tiger not out of loyalty to the man, but out of pure financial expediency. This tempest in a teapot will fade, he will continue to win, and in the end Tiger will likely go down as the greatest golfer in history. Everybody at the top keeps getting rich and the sponsors who dropped out of fear will either come crawling back or suffer. Frankly the average person wouldn’t be able to name another professional golfer to save their life.


If you are genuinely angry at Tiger Woods ask yourself why? Is the Superman of golf immune to human failings, has he in some way harmed you, have you lived the kind of life that could withstand thousands of journalists digging into every part of your life and the life of everybody in your family from toddler to now? I wouldn’t hold up very well to that sort of scrutiny and I’m a regular guy.



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