All dressed up and nowhere to go


Well it’s Monday morning and a few days ago I thought I would be on the road to New York City for a flight to Haiti. Instead I’m in the office trying to get the word on a new departure date.

At this point we have two options, hopefully the FAA opens the airport and we can fly directly to Port Au Prince. The other possibility is flying to the Dominican Republic and going overland into the disaster zone. The borders have been closed for a few days so we need them to open up.

With every day that passes the situation grows more dire in Haiti, some estimates have millions of people homeless or dislocated. The team will be traveling with medical equipment and money to buy any supplies they can get their hands on.

In the end I’m not too upset by the small delay. I’ve been fighting bronchitis for the last few days so the antibiotics have had time to kick in. Also, there would have been some time that a couple of the immunizations wouldn’t have been at peak protection. I’ve also been using my time to freshen up my emergency medicine skills and to learn everything possible about survival in an urban crisis situation. I’m truly approaching this from a worst case scenario. Anything less than that will make my day.

I have reached the point where the initial rush of fear about the horrible conditions on the ground have been replaced by an urgent desire to actually get there. My bosses have already spent a large amount of money just getting me ready to go. The shots alone were $300 and I won’t get into how much it costs to rent a mobile up-link for the satellite.  As this stretches out I may find myself at a point where all this preparation will be for nothing. Eventually they will have to pull the plug on the venture. Ultimately as long as I can convince the team to take me along I will go to Haiti. I would prefer to have the equipment and the ability to disseminate my work to an audience but I will shoot for myself and do the volunteer work as an individual if it comes to that.

I’ll be updating the blog and Facebook for anybody interested in following the trip as it unfolds. I’ll include all the links when I get more information.


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