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Hey weather geeks. Now that winter is getting interesting, here is a pretty good site that makes it nice and easy to get a graphical look at the weather. VueTOO features six panels that can each be modified to show different content in each window. This one relies heavily on satellite views but can easily be changed to add Doppler radar images.

When you signup for a free account you can build your own customized pages and save them so you don’t have to add your favorite panels everytime you go onto the page.


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2 Responses to “Winter weather page”

  1. Phil Says:

    Oh, no, no, no.

    Nice weather site, but when you try to sign-up, they do not disguise your password, from ‘you’ or anyone or any rouge program on your PC!

    That is there fault, not Bruce’s.

  2. Phil Says:

    You can get all this stuff from NOAA by entering your city and state or just your zip code at the space near the top of the page. (And you don’t need a password!)

    Just click on the maps you want.

    Then there are these:
    Oh, being a Ham (amateur radio)operator, I have a lot more than what is here that deal with more stuff to confuse you.

    These are a few other weather web sites that I use, but some my be a bit unfamiliar or confusing to some.

    You can get almost if not all from here, just enter your city, town OR sip code here, a lot of maps and radar to click on:

    Want your own weather site, buy equipment here:

    StormVue is good in the summer months for lightening strikes in the N.E. Ohio area: maybe other sites on the US.

    The Home site for StormVue:
    A lot here:

    A free Desktop weather download site:

    Prepared jointly by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center and the U.S. Air Force. Once on the site, you can read the text version, or check one of the following:

    Last 75 Reports, Today’s Space Weather, Space Weather Now

    And there are others, just give me time to dig them out.

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