H1N1, the virus and the vaccine


There are so many fears about N1H1 and the virus so we talked to Ken Pearce the Lorain County General Health District commissioner. If you wonder about any of these topics check out the interview.

  1. When will the flu season get started?
  2. Has the H1N1 vaccine really been checked out?
  3. Will the vaccine give you the flu?
  4. Why is H1N1 being given in addition to the normal flu vaccine?
  5. Who is most likely to get sick from the H1N1 variation?
  6. If the flu has already come to the area once, why are people so worried about it now?
  7. Who really needs to get the vaccine?
  8. Where can you get reliable information about the flu and H1N1 virus and vaccination locations?

Watch the video


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