If you are buying anything online—read this first



If you make purchases online, I’m going to give you a tip that I promise will save you a ton of money. How many times have you been buying or subscribing to something online and seen that little box that says “Promotional Code”?

I never have that code and I’m guessing most people don’t either.


We just signed up for smugmug.com, and the pro membership is $149.95 a year. Our Web Guru yes, we call him that ... he is just that goodBoone Simpson told me about a site, Retailmenot.com. They list hundreds of online coupon and promotional codes. I went to the site, punched in the name of the company I was looking for and got half off the price. $75 bucks is a big deal. Imagine the possibility with holiday shopping this year, magazine subscriptions the list goes on.


Here are some samples of the most used codes at promotionalcodes.com and Retailmenot.com

$10 off any $100 order at Home Depot

15% off an order at Dicks Sporting Goods

$200 off qualifying vacations from Orbitz.com

$5 off a $50 order at Target

20% off an online order from Pizza Hut


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