Here comes a new camera from Canon


If you have been thinking about a new camera Canon has just announced a new mid-range camera. The Canon 7D should be available by the end of September and will hit the streets with an msrp of $1699. That’s a great price for something that packs an 18mp sensor, full HD video recording, an updated chip set and an updated body construction.


I have used most of the Canon’s from the Mark II all the way to the 20D and I have been happy with everything but the 5D. For some reason that camera just never matched up with the output of the other Canon’s. I don’t know, I’m still trying to decide if I just happen to have a dog. Nearly everybody shares their love for that camera.


Right now I’m doing daily photojournalism with the 50D and the camera is outstanding. I do have to be very careful with it because the weather resistance is almost zero. I had a couple of sprinkles hit the camera and it caused problems for two days before things were back to normal.


The 7D boasts increased weather resistance that is reported to be even better than what the $2600 5D Mark II has to offer.

Check out the press release from Canon.


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2 Responses to “Here comes a new camera from Canon”

  1. dans Says:

    What are the advantages of a really huge number of bits in the sensor, other than you can crop the dickens out of shots and still have decent resolution?

    Can you sacrifice resolution for a greater range/sensitivity between shadows and highlights giving you more latitude when tweaking the histogram?

  2. Phil Says:

    Don’t buy it yet. Someone else will, then they try to unload it when they loose their job or their stock crashes further and they need the money.

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