Death in the online world




John Doe wakes up wipes the sleep from his eyes and gets ready for another work day. Mumbling about how much he hates Monday’s our imaginary friend doesn’t bother to look both ways as he steps off the curb. Splat! aaannnnnnnddd, fade to black.


He is rather unceremoniously run over by a bus. Family and friends are shocked do the whole seven stages of grief thing and that’s the end of the Earthly story for Mr. John Doe.


Meanwhile out in cyber-space where your Facebook, Myspace, World of Warcraft, Flickr, and thousands of other possible social networking and gaming sites exist there’s a question. What happened to John?


Legacy Locker is an online solution that takes care of the details only you know. Once notification of your death is received, the system kicks in and e-mails start flying. Legacy Locker and similar sites provide their clients with a way to send off that last e-mail to their friends and loved ones. Beyond the social aspect Legacy Locker also touts the financial aspect. “While the work you do today helps your clients prepare their physical assets, there’s virtually nothing in place for dealing with online assets”. 


That rings true to me. I don’t think most people really want to think about the possibility of dying suddenly so it’s easy to see the benefit of a quick and easy online arrangement. I know I sure wouldn’t want to make an appointment to meet with a financial planner to work out the details of my passing, even if it really is the right thing to do.


So think about taking a few minutes away from battling Murlocs, and taking another what color is your Chakra quiz on Facebook and check out some of the online options so your friends can throw a proper online funeral for you.



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